Parent Wheel Design and Optimization

Compared to milling and drilling tools, designing the main body or parent wheel of a circular saw is often much more complex. The design and optimization of the parent wheel is frequently determined purely by numerous empirical tests. These are both time-consuming and cost-intensive.

That is why the Department of Lightweight Construction Technologies at Fraunhofer IPA specializes in designing and optimizing parent wheels on the basis of FE analyses. These enable us to ascertain the effects of temperature gradients, rotation and tensioning processes. One key aspect of our work is on the exact reproduction of filled or unfilled damping slits.

FE analyses can also be used to determine production parameters, such as optimum tensioning parameters. In this way, knowledge about the expected structural and dynamic behavior of circular saws can be gained early on in the design phase.

Already during the first steps of a new or advanced development, designers of circular saws are able to derive production and design parameters optimally adjusted to the machining task.