Production Control

Do your key figures show what you need to know on all levels? Can you use them to efficiently regulate your production, assembly and logistics? Do you always derive the right measures from the knowledge gained?

Key figures help manufacturing companies identify, measure and track progress, bottlenecks and critical success factors. All value-adding and logistical processes can be evaluated and controlled using defined key figures/KPIs, enabling action to be taken and adjustments made if required. It is imperative to employ the right key figures at each level. In this way, all the necessary information is obtained quickly and easily, allowing specific measures to be derived and carefully monitored.


  • Support in defining and optimizing key figures and target systems,
  • Validated procedure for determining and selecting suitable key figures,
  • Collection and networking of data from existing systems to record and visualize key figures as well as implementation of IT solutions to record and visualize key figures,
  • Implementation and optimization of business processes to specifically derive and monitor any necessary measures: escalation management, workflows, shopfloor management in the production area and indirect areas, continuous improvement process (CIP) as well as
  • Seminars.

We help you implement your key figure system in a targeted and efficient way. The consistent development and implementation of a key figure system helps you realize your visions and manufacturing strategies. It also creates transparency, assists with orientation, enables comparisons to be made and supports the formulation of targets and forecasts.

In this way, you identify potentials for improvement, are able to measure performance and progress and create a continuous improvement process. You not only enhance performance but also obtain more transparency and have better-motivated workers.