Production and Logistics Management


Production Planning and Control

Fraunhofer IPA designs and optimizes your production planning and control system. Examples include lean PPS concepts, efficient methods and tools, optimally-adjusted parameters, rapid fault rectification and the implementation of customized IT systems.


Master and Transaction Data Management

High-quality master and transaction data allow you to make the right decisions in production. Fraunhofer IPA analyzes and optimizes the quality of your data. To ensure that this is not just a one-off, we show you how to manage your data successfully in the long term.


Production Control

By implementing systematic production controlling, you get to keep a close eye on your targets. Fraunhofer IPA identifies the key figures that give you the best information as well as the processes you need.


Tact-Oriented Production

The production system “tact-orientated production” developed by Fraunhofer IPA makes sure that production runs smoothly despite breakdowns, numerous restrictions and complex material flows. This enables you to manufacture your products on schedule with minimum throughput times and stocks.


On-Site Logistics

Fraunhofer IPA plans and optimizes your material supply processes. Consequently, you avoid internal and external delivery delays as well as costs due to process disruptions.


Intralogistics 4.0

The fusion of hardware and IT in intralogistics plays a key role in the fourth industrial revolution “Industry 4.0”. As an objective expert with in-depth knowledge of the hardware and software market, we accompany you on the road to Industry 4.0 in intralogistics.