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50 years of robotics at Fraunhofer IPA - #whatsnextrobotics

What began in 1973 and was called handling technology back then has since undergone a remarkable journey at Fraunhofer IPA. 50 years of robotics in Stuttgart; in that time, a whole panoply of technologies for automating tasks with robotics in diverse industries and applications has been developed.

What all IPA developments have in common is that they have made the use of robots possible, even – or in particular – beyond current market developments. If no satisfactory solution is available yet or if the technological or economic challenge seems too great with today’s solutions, that's when Fraunhofer IPA comes into play. This is evident when looking back – and is even more evident when looking forward. Today, we are already setting the course for tomorrow’s use of robots in new applications and industries. This is because we are firmly convinced that robotics is a key technology for tackling current social developments in a meaningful way. For this to happen, however, robotics has to become easier to use. The effort required to develop an application and put it into operation must be significantly reduced, and it is essential that users are able to use robotics profitably in the best possible way, even without expert knowledge. We pursue all these goals with our vision of “automation of automation”.

This autumn, we are celebrating 50 years of robotics at Fraunhofer IPA with a comprehensive week of festivities. The week starts with the scientific conference “ISR”, which we are organizing together with the VDE Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies and the Institute for Control Engineering of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Units ISW of the University of Stuttgart. The subsequent “Application Day” shows all interested parties how robotics can be implemented in applications such as assembly automation, welding, handling or inpatient care. The fourth and final day of the festivities is a free “Open Lab Day” at Fraunhofer IPA, on which visitors can walk around and see plenty of robots in action, thus demonstrating the diversity of our developments and services. The “Long Night of Robotics” held in the evening will be of particular appeal to the talents of tomorrow and presents the institute as an attractive employer.

Even though the official celebrations do not begin until September, we are already starting to look back and forward on innovations in robotics. Follow our stories about industrial and service robotics and experience what we are already working on today for a future with automation – #whatsnextrobotics for cognitive robotics to serve humans and to ensure a strong, competitive economy, especially in Baden-Württemberg and Germany.

See the personal invitation from our Head of department of robotics.

Happy Birthday!

This year, we are celebrating 50 years of robotics at Fraunhofer IPA. Time to look back, but above all to look forward.
In 2023, under the hashtag #whatsnextrobotics, we will be regularly reporting on developments in robotics in e.g. agriculture, healthcare, logistics, and of course, in manufacturing.
You are welcome to look at our first story on AI Picking. Further stories to follow soon.


#1 The perfect grip - AI Picking


#2 Cable Robotics: Motion simulations at the highest level


#3 ROS-Industrial: free software tools drive robotics forward


#4 APA - door opener to successful automation


#5 CARA – four steps to safe cobot deployment


#6 Robot-assisted assembly and disassembly

September 26 and 27 2023

September 28 2023

September 29 2023

»International Symposium on Robotics« in cooperation with VDMA, IFR and the ISW of the University of Stuttgart

  • AGV Forum
  • Assembly Forum
  • Service robotics for nursing homes and hospitals
  • Bin Picking
  • ...

Open Lab Day for all who are interested in Robotics and AI

Evening event: Long night of Robotics and AI