Substance-related requirements arise from legal regulations on products and also from customer demands. In particular, European environmental legislation such as the RoHS2 directive (2011/65/EU) and the REACH regulation (EG/1907/2006), as well as international environmental and compliance requirements, have caused major changes in the way affected industries deal with hazardous substances.

Fraunhofer IPA helps companies manage their hazardous substance processes effectively. We also assist with the implementation of substance prohibitions and restrictions and develop new future-proof solutions.

Regular expert forum on the management of hazardous substances

The expert forum “Global Environmental Compliance” brings together companies, scientists and legislators to interpret and discuss current legal environmental requirements for products. Please ask the contact person how to participate.


Systems for Managing Hazardous Substances

Fraunhofer IPA develops processes systematically to ensure compliance with RoHS and REACH.


Substance Prohibitions and Restrictions

Many products are affected by international substance prohibitions and restrictions as well as customer-specific substance requirements. Fraunhofer IPA helps you analyze and comply with the relevant regulations.