AS-IS Analysis of Maintenance and Identfication of Potentials

Does your maintenance meet the requirements of your production? How often do unscheduled failures and technical breakdowns occur? Is your maintenance too expensive? Is your maintenance strategy geared towards the value chain?

Maintenance departments are permanently faced with the question of how good their maintenance strategy really is. They are under constant pressure to ensure the safety, reliability and availability of machines and equipment as well as its capacity to generate high quality products. At the same time, costs for staff and materials (direct maintenance costs) have to be kept to a minimum.

In order to objectively evaluate the quality of a company's maintenance, Fraunhofer IPA provides a standardized analysis of maintenance potentials. Besides evaluating and rating the current situation, we also pay particular attention regarding a customer orientation philosophy of the maintenance. This task involves assessing maintenance requirements of the production and determining failure costs and effects.

This comprehensive analysis gives you a detailed picture of the current situation and also pinpoints potentials for improvement regarding your maintenance. The analysis of maintenance potentials is used as a basis to optimize a company’s maintenance.