Maintenance Controlling and Key Performance Indicator Systems

How good is your maintenance (department)? How good are your maintenance practices compared to those of other companies? How do specific measures influence the quality of your maintenance? Can measures be derived for other areas on the basis of maintenance experience?

Controlling is a comprehensive control and information concept which is implemented in companies. Its task is to link data and information acquired, identify interdependencies and correlations and therefore help the management to plan and implement the business activities.

Key performance indicators and the corresponding systems are important controlling instruments that are essential to planning and control processes. They are used in maintenance, e.g. to plan strategies and budgets or analyze technological and organizational weaknesses. They are also implemented to evaluate the effectiveness of measures taken or to be taken as well as to make comparisons between equipment or companies (see VDI 2886).

We support you to implement and optimize a maintenance controlling system as well as select and generate key performance indicators and systems for your maintenance. This offers you the following benefits:

  • Transparency regarding efficiency and costs
  • The ability to make more objective decisions
  • New means of orientation and comparison, e.g. benchmarks
  • Detailed visualization of complex issues
  • Support in developing goals and forecasts
  • The ability to measure potentials for improvement and efficiency with the aid of key performance indicators (KPI)