Smart Maintenance

How do current topics such as Industry 4.0, cyber-physical systems (CPS) and smart objects influence the future of maintenance? What potentials do innovative technologies offer? Is your maintenance strategy fit for the future and which technologies are already relevant to your company now?

The availability of affordable microchips, processors and sensors has led to the development of intelligent systems as well as the networking of objects. In maintenance, this means that components are now capable of acquiring and preprocessing condition data and process information. The preprocessed information is then either analysed manually or transferred to an information and communication system for further processing.

These developments enable the implementation of new strategies and concepts, such as predictive maintenance strategy. In contrast to condition based maintenance, this strategy uses condition data to determine the deterioration and remaining lifetime of components. These predictions can be used to optimize production plans or maintenance plans.

Fraunhofer IPA is currently collaborating with partners from research and industry to develop a predictive maintenance system based on the latest signal and data processing technologies. This research project also involves an implementation of the developed system in industry.

We draw on our extensive experience in smart maintenance to help you to select and implement new technologies and strategies. We assess whether your maintenance strategy is fit for the future and which technologies are relevant for your company today and tomorrow. This provides you the following benefits:

  • Transparency concerning the future viability of your company and its maintenance strategies
  • Identification of potentials for improvement and relevant future technologies
  • Support in selecting and implementing smart maintenance