Substance prohibition and restriction

The RoHS directive (2011/65/EU), REACH regulation ((EG) No. 1907/2006) as well as other EU legislation restrict the use of certain substances in products. Substance restrictions are also on the rise in countries outside Europe. However, customers may also make demands prohibiting the use of specific substances in products without there being a legal reason for this. Some of these substance restrictions and substance-related requirements differ considerably with regard to their legal regulation. Particular attention has to be paid to differences in limiting values or reference values and any information obligations that may apply.

Our services:

  • Transparency concerning relevant regulations on substance prohibitions and restrictions,
  • Support in dealing with information obligations in the supply chain as well as
  • Communication of the latest information to customers.

Regular expert forum on the management of hazardous substances

The expert forum “Global Environmental Compliance” brings together companies, scientists and legislators to interpret and discuss current legal environmental requirements for products. Please ask the contact person how to participate.

How to ensure compliant products with SustainHub