Systems for managing hazardous substances

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Substance-related requirements concerning complex manufactured goods, such as electrical and electronic products, arise partially from product-related legal directives and partially from customer-specific requirements. Compliance with a number of European environmental laws is mandatory, especially the RoHS2 directive (2011/65/EU) and the REACH regulation (EG/1907/2006). Together with the market surveillance regulation (EG/765/2008), the obligation to draw up technical documentation, these are bringing about an internal manufacturing control system in agreement with the harmonized norm EN 50581. In addition international environmental and compliance requirements have also caused major changes in the way affected industries deal with hazardous substances.As of 2nd January 2013, manufacturers of electrical and electronic appliances now have to meet the following requirements: CE label on devices, EG declaration of conformity, technical documentation and tests during production processes.

Companies need to establish a process for managing hazardous substances (global compliance process) to ensure conformity of their manufactured goods and products to the many legal requirements. Fraunhofer IPA helps companies to develop and implement the necessary process as well as to integrate it into their existing process landscape. We hold workshops to identify requirements and develop specific concepts with our customers to fulfill legal obligations.

Our services:

  • Implementation of processes to ensure compliance with the RoHS directive, REACH regulation and other substance prohibition and restriction laws
  • Clarification of product classification according to RoHS 2011/65/EU
  • Product screening to analyze material content (main focus RoHS)
  • Communication of information about specific regulations concerning product-related environmental protection
  • Assumption of additional tasks, e.g. determination of specific legal regulations outside Europe, support with supplier communication and material information.