Data Analysis, Visualisation and Interaction

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Complex information in production

Both in production and in laboratory environments, the density of information is increasing in scope and dependency. In order to support employees in their work processes most effectively, we design solutions at various levels to reduce the complexity of the information. At the same time, the presentation and provision of the necessary data is simplified. The following areas provide an initial overview of the environment and the goals we pursue in developing our solutions:

Possibilities for assistance systems in cleanrooms and laboratory environments

It is increasingly important to support employees in their daily work and to reduce the burden of routine tasks, such as recording and retrieving test data. With our solutions in the area of analysis, visualisation and interaction, we offer our competences for handling any kind of accumulating data.

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    Quick and easy access to machine data - also using mobile devices

    Easily access and use production data

    The foundation for successful digitalisation is high-performance and reliable data acquisition. Dealing with the variety of machine control manufacturers and proprietary digital communication protocols requires a lot of effort. With our developed software solution StationConnector, we are able to master the variety of protocols and connect plants quickly and easily to IT systems such as databases, AI applications or cloud applications.

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    United through digitalisation - Cross-location collaboration using our virtual technical centre

    Digital experiment tracking

    Experiments of any kind become more and more complicated to plan and carry out as the complexity of the researched topics increases. This particularly affects the logging and analysis of results and findings. With our solutions for a virtualised lab environment, even the most modern experimental set-ups can benefit from advances in digitalisation.

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    Being able to display critical situations directly on an interactive 3D model

    Inner values visualised in an understandable way

    In order to visualise plant data, dashboards with figures and diagrams are usually used - but how can the recorded data of a plant gain even more significance and interactivity? With this question in mind, we created the software InsideOut, which uses CAD models of plants and active data sources to move the individual components, such as axes or rails, using real machine data. Both live data and historical data can be used. In addition to viewing states, the digitalization of manuals is another option, which enables modern form of knowledge transfer.

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    Synchronisation of digital notes between multiple end devices - large or small

    Paperless notes on processes and events

    With the help of FlexNote we digitise the recording of notes about detected defects, suggestions for improvement or other information that relates to specific plants or objects. Our solution consists of a combination of mobile devices and a cloud application. Recorded notes can be extended with attachments such as photos, which makes the facts easier to understand. The distribution takes place automatically when creating a note. After sending the note, it is available for all connected mobile devices, which means that the person who entered the note no longer has to worry about who the correct contact person is.