Clean Automation Technology

Products determine the design of an appropriate production facility. Many of tomorrow‘s technologies require a specific level of cleanliness in manufacturing environment. This applies to almost every branch of industry where functionalized and extremely fine surfaces are taking hold.

Clean, fast and cost-effective – that’s what these factories have to be. The demand is for manufacturing processes that are gentle on resources, energy-efficient and guarantee consistent quality. It’s often difficult to answer the question “What should the clean production facility look like?”

To ensure a fast ramp-up and optimized production process, different aspects need to be taken into consideration depending on the application concerned. Again and again, our experts identify new potentials and help master challenges. In addition to offering our expertise in software and hardware solutions for controlling in-house material flows, we work together with you to plan and realize anything from individual systems to complete manufacturing environments for your clean factory of tomorrow.


Management of complex information

The more complex the product, the more difficult it is to manufacture – but how to manage the huge volume of data and parameters? What counts is having the right information available at the right time, prepared in an optimum way.


Cleanliness-suitable handling solutions

High throughputs, low costs and all that coupled with error-free results – the automated handling of fragile, contamination-sensitive substrates places high demands not only on systems and their components but also on control and parameterization.


High-speed video analyses

Overcoming the limits of human perception – finding solutions to issues in highly-dynamic operations in production and automation processes.


In-house material flow simulation

Good products can only be sold at a profit if they are manufactured cost-effectively – especially as far as in-house logistics is concerned, there’s often plenty of potential to optimize and economize.


Sustainable development processes

Each result starts with an idea – whether it will be successful or not depends not only on the specifics of the product concerned but also on other factors, one of them being the market. From feasibility studies to business plans: structured planning assures long-term success.