Ultraclean Technology and Micromanufacturing

We have been carrying out research on clean and ultraclean working environments for over 30 years. Our expertise not only leads to international standards, but also to binding norms. We offer a broad spectrum of different research services and create holistic, result-oriented and innovative solutions for the industrial implementation and production of miniaturized and contamination-critical products.


In particular, sectors such as the semiconductor industry, aerospace industry, medical technology and pharmacy, the automotive industry and the food industry are often confronted with challenges concerning cleanliness. We support our customers and partners on issues ranging from conception through to the implementation and commissioning of plants or entire manufacturing processes. We have an extensive research infrastructure at our disposal. Overall, we have a cleanroom area of approx. 600 sqm available, as well as other laboratories.



Cleanliness Technology

Our activities range from planning complete cleanliness laboratories and cleanrooms to issues such as metrology and cleaning technology, as well as specific offers concerning biological cleanliness or technical cleanliness in the automotive industry.


Cleanliness-Suitable Equipment and Components

In a production under ultraclean conditions, the smallest contamination can be harmful. It affects product quality and functionality to such an extent that without appropriate measures, high reject rates and quality losses must be expected.


Precision Assembly and Application Technologies

Where conventional processes reach their limits: singularization, magazining, transport, storage, feeding and bonding - one of the principle assembly and joining techniques - in ever-increasing degrees of precision and functionalization.


Clean Automation Technology

Efficient production requires good planning and constant optimization. Complex, knowledge- and information-based systems, the aggregation of machine data, the interaction with the operator as well as specific solutions for the automated handling of fragile substrates are crucial.

Research infrastructure and service portfolio

Fraunhofer IPA - Ultraclean Technology and Micromanufacturing