Airflow Simulation and Visualization

A growing number of industries need to manufacture their products under specific clean conditions. In addition to increasing yields, it is also important that production processes are implemented problem-free. Contamination, such as airborne or sedimented particles, chemical contamination and electrostatic properties, are especially relevant.


Solutions and implementation:

  • We develop cleanliness concepts, taking the necessary general conditions into account
  • We import available CAD data files, or design equipment and system geometries
  • Adapt model geometries
  • Generate networks
  • Determine general constraints
  • Make calculations
  • Post processing
  • Provide documentation in the form of reports and videos
  • Verify results by conducting tests on a prototype

We draw on our long-standing experience in the manufacture of equipment and systems suitable for use in clean environments to elaborate cleanliness concepts. With the aid of simulations and material data banks, we then develop these to create precise solutions.

What we offer:

  • To draw up equipment and system concepts
  • Develop conclusive simulation models
  • Design the exact layout and arrangement of components and systems
  • Select suitable materials, qualities and assemblies
  • Verify and optimize existing systems and equipment with CFD, as well as verifying through tests (airborne particles, particle sedimentation on wafers, airflow visualization, etc.)