Cleanliness-suitable equipment and components

Kleinste Kontaminationen können in einer Fertigung unter reinen Bedingungen schädigend wirken. Partikuläre, schichtartige, mikrobiologische oder sogar molekulare Verunreinigungen beeinträchtigen die Produktqualität und -funktionalität so stark, dass ohne geeignete Maßnahmen mit hohen Ausschussraten und Qualitätseinbußen zu rechnen ist. Deshalb ist es bei der Planung, Einrichtung und dem Betrieb einer Fertigung wichtig, reinheitsrelevante Faktoren zu betrachten und die Reinheitsaspekte konsequent umzusetzen.


Cleanroom Certification

Depending on the industry and application concerned, the cleanliness suitability of materials, systems or system components may involve different aspects. We offer a targeted, neutral and certified assessment of these aspects in compliance with relevant international standards.


Equipment Design & Hygienic Design

A core requirement in hygienic manufacturing environments is to avoid microbial and particulate contamination of the end-product. The implementation of compatible materials, as well as the geometric design of operating utilities, have a decisive influence on their suitability for use in clean productions.


Cleanroom-suitable materials

In many industries (e.g. semiconductor, medical device, optics or display manufacture), a growing number of products need to be manufactured under highly clean conditions. Since the tiniest amounts of contamination in the production process can cause major faults and losses, the demand for cleanroom-suitable materials is constantly rising.


Cleanliness-suitable consumables

Selecting consumables suitable for clean production processes is no easy task. This is because the cleanliness quality of products available on the market is often only characterized by air cleanliness classes according to ISO 14644-1.


Airflow simulation and visualization

A growing number of industries need to manufacture their products under specific clean conditions. In addition to increasing yields, it is also important that production processes are implemented problem-free. Contamination, such as airborne or sedimented particles, chemical contamination and electrostatic properties, are especially relevant.


Industrial alliance "Cleanroom Suitable Consumables" (CSC)

Companies with clean/hygienic manufacturing areas have to use cleanliness-suitable consumables. However, end-users and suppliers are often unable to fully assess the extent of cleanliness suitability. On the one hand, this uncertainty can lead to exaggerated demands or, on the other hand, to considerable contamination potentials.


CAPE® - flexible, portable cleanroom system

The new cleanroom system from Fraunhofer IPA “Clean And Protective Environment”, in short CAPE®, is compact like a tent but offers a cleanroom class of up to ISO 3. For the first time, companies and research institutes now have a cleanroom on demand that can be assembled quickly and easily anywhere they want to keep their high-quality products and systems clean.