Cleanliness Technology

In the past, only a handful of highly-sensitive branches of industry needed to concern themselves with the issue of cleanliness in their manufacturing processes, e.g. the semiconductor industry, aerospace and the hygienic areas of pharmaceutics and medical technology. Today, due to increasing product complexity, continued miniaturization and new manufacturing processes, this has become a key issue in nearly all sectors of industry. Whether it’s nanotechnology with new materials, the automotive industry with functionally-relevant particles that are only a few hundred micrometers in size, or life sciences where work is carried out in environments that are more than just sterile – cleanliness or adapted levels thereof are crucial to product quality. The cleanliness solutions required to achieve this quality vary considerably from one branch of industry to the next.

Fraunhofer IPA has since gained over 30 years of experience in all aspects of clean manufacturing. This enables us to give customers from a wide range of industries the support they need to implement measures effectively and make targeted investments without spending their money on inappropriate cleanliness technologies in the wrong place.

Our interdisciplinary team of scientists and laboratory specialists provides our customers with support in many different ways: from analysis in the ultra-trace range, through the certification of operating utilities from the aspect of cleanliness or planning clean manufacturing environments, up to training courses for staff working in cleanliness zones and cleanrooms.


Technical Cleanliness

The cleanliness of components and assembly processes, laboratory planning and also staff training courses – the Fraunhofer IPA is not only responsible for refining standards but also offers the corresponding services.


Cleaning Solutions

We clean components for highly-clean applications and develop new cleaning tools using the unique properties of CO2 as a cleaning medium in an adapted cleanliness environment. This could be anything from a cleanliness zone to an ISO Class 1 cleanroom.


Contamination Measurement

New industries and tasks in clean manufacturing demand new methods in order to clarify cleanliness issues or control production processes. Whether simple sampling or ultra-trace analysis is required is determined by the respective application in the field of research, laboratory or manufacturing.


Planning Ultraclean Systems

Planning and optimizing clean manufacturing areas, cleanliness-suitable process equipment and trained staff are key elements in a successful cleanliness concept. Our comprehensive knowledge enables us to derive targeted effective measures to achieve an integrated cleanliness system.


Cleanliness in Life Sciences

Besides the typical issues of hygienic assessment and the hygienic optimization of products and manufacturing facilities in the medical and pharmaceutical industries, the focus of our services is increasingly on controlling, avoiding and cleaning off additional forms of contamination, such as particles and organic films.


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