Hybrid Manufacturing

The combination of additive manufacturing processes with precision assembly and integration techniques enables innovative, multi-functional products to be manufactured in small and medium-sized quantities. Based on our expertise in the key areas essential to a continuous process chain, we develop and realize innovative process and system solutions for industrial application.

Examples of current R&D activities in this area:

  • CassaMobile – flexible mini-factory for local and customized production in a container (FP7)
  • Nextfactory – all-in-one manufacturing platform for system in package and micromechatronic systems (FP7)
  • smartLAM – smart production of microsystems based on laminated polymer films (FP7)
  • activTool – assistive tools for older members of staff working in production environments (funded by the Federal Ministry of Education and Research)

Our services:

  • Surveys and feasibility studies
  • Individually-tailored process development and automation
  • System development and prototype construction
  • Pilot application in the laboratory