Precision Assembly and Application Technologies

The term microassembly describes the highly-precise, reliable integration of components with dimensions which could be as small as a few micrometers into comparatively large-sized products. The spectrum of microcomponents requiring assembly varies from microchips 250 µm in length, through tiny toothed wheels, to micro-optic fibers as fine as a human hair. These are assembled onto/into an equally wide range of planar or three-dimensional products and substrates, such as highly-integrated printed circuit boards, compact sensor housing or large-sized elements of a machine.

Microassembly not only has to be capable of meeting these demands but also of fulfilling the requirements of high precision while, at the same time, components are becoming more delicate and processes more sensitive.

Fraunhofer IPA has extensive expertise in developing and automating customized, cost-effective process and system solutions, both for the manufacture of prototype components in the laboratory and for step-by-step implementation in serial assembly. The focus of our technological know-how is on the handling, assembly and integration of microcomponents and the precision application of viscous media. In tool technology and systems engineering, we concentrate especially on the aspects of miniaturization and modularization.


Handling and Feeding

Due especially to the decreasing size and increasing sensitivity of components, the issues of singularization, magazining, transport, storage and provision have become a real challenge which we tackle with innovative solution concepts.


Application of Viscous Media

Dispensing viscous media in small volumes (pl - nl - ml) and applying them in exactly the right place in exactly the right shape, such as in bonding, is crucial to product quality. To achieve this as well as for any necessary pre- and post-treatment steps, we offer our customers reliable system and process solutions.


Positioning, Joining and Integration

The small dimensions, mechanical properties and sensitivity of components are stretching conventional positioning and joining techniques to their limits. With our fluid-based, self-organizing solution concepts, we are taking a totally new approach.


Hybrid Manufacturing

In order to meet the demand for individualized, highly-miniaturized and highly-functional products, manufacturing innovations are needed, such as the concept we are pursuing of combining layer construction techniques with microassembly and integration technologies.


Equipment Miniaturization and Modularization

In microsystems engineering, the high product diversity and generally low to average quantities mean that equipment has to be compact, scalable and adaptable in order to be cost-effective. Our solutions feature a high degree of miniaturization and modularization.

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