Sustainable and efficient: innovative technologies and methods

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Sustainability in all its dimensions (climate neutrality, resource efficiency, energy efficiency and social aspects) is currently one of the greatest challenges in the automotive sector. This should be achieved without quality losses (especially in terms of durability) or higher costs.

To this end, IPA is conducting research on process developments, digital methods and life cycle assessments along the entire automotive process chain and is collaborating closely with industry.

Fraunhofer IPA carries out research and transfer work in process optimization and in the development of new production methods, as well as in maintenance and quality management. This expertise is accompanied by in-depth know-how in the field of digital sustainability management and material compliance. We help manufacturers to analyze and optimize their sustainability situation with regard to production processes and sites, as well as to meet current and future material compliance regulations. In doing so, we implement digital tools, carry out on-site visits and hold seminars and workshops. When it comes to designing sustainable production in the automotive industry, a key factor is the energy supply system. This must not only be energy efficient and CO2 neutral, but also dependable, available and safe. For this reason, IPA assists the industry with planning, designing and optimizing energy supply systems. Whether electricity, heating or cooling, or even sector-coupled, we work together with industry to improve the sustainability, quality and cost-effectiveness of industrial energy supply systems.