Key areas

Most of the work carried out at Fraunhofer IPA concerns important aspects governing the manufacture of electronic products and microsystems along the entire value chain. From production-oriented product design and suitable materials, through the challenges faced by processes and machines due to rising miniaturization levels, right up to searching for ways to achieve and assure the high quality required.


Materials and surface engineering

Right from the start of product development, we give manufacturers of electronic products and microsystems the assistance they need. We help you to assess and choose materials so that you can design an individual product with integrated functions. Regardless of whether it’s a high-performance protective coating for a surface or an electrically-conductive ink for applied conductive layers that you need.

Process and systems engineering - Development-> Automation -> Prototyping  

To meet the invariably high levels of precision and reliability required, we develop processes and systems tailored to your needs, e.g. for surface processing and surface cleaning, assembly and integration, as well as for quality assurance and control. We develop individual as well as general solutions, each with the appropriate degree of automation. The spectrum ranges from manual workplaces for producing small series of optical and mechatronic aggregates, through semi-automated systems for medium-sized lots, right up to linked lines for mass production. With our processes, we cover important production steps that have an impact on quality in the fields of pretreatment, assembly and quality control. We are also breaking new ground when it comes to manufacturing innovative products, e.g. by combining 3-D printing methods with integration technologies derived from assembly processes to develop a hybrid solution.


Production and cleanroom conditions

Thanks to our broad range of expertise in clean technology, the business unit “Electronics and Microsystems” can help you to plan and design a clean manufacturing environment adapted to your needs, enabling you to meet rising cleanliness demands for your electrical micro components and products. Our supplementary services cover anything from ultra-trace analysis, through certifying operating utilities from the aspect of cleanliness, to offering training courses for staff working in clean zones and cleanrooms.


Analysis, planning and optimization

In addition, we are happy to give you advice on analyzing and assessing technical feasibilities and potentials during product development and implementation, as well as helping you to plan and optimize your planned or existing production facilities.