Electronics and Microsystems

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Assembly process of a printed circuit board

From chips in respirators to sensors in brake units - hardly any field of application is as diverse as that of electronics and microsystems. The desire for intelligent systems and efficient products is reinforcing this development. This results in new challenges, but also opportunities for companies.

The trend towards miniaturization in electronics and microsystems technology requires adapted production and automation solutions. For example, accuracies of a few micrometers - in some cases even in the nanometer range - are required in manufacturing and assembly. In addition to the precision of the process, the cleanliness of the production equipment and environment is crucial. Across industries, the need for holistic cleanliness concepts is growing, especially in the assembly of sensitive products. Besides the electronics industry, this affects medical technology, the automotive industry, and aerospace, among others.

Our team at Fraunhofer IPA has profound expertise in the fields of materials, surface technology, microassembly, testing technology, digitization, automation, production control and logistics, as well as cleanroom and cleaning technology. In cooperation with companies and partners, we develop individual solutions and support them in improving competitive positions and opening up new markets.

What we do for industrial companies:


  • Develop and improve products, processes and technologies
  • Evaluate, test, certify
  • Optimise organisations and processes
  • Analyse markets, advise on innovations
  • Develop business models

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We optimize products, technologies, and manufacturing processes in terms of costs, quality, and output.


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