IT Architecture for digital manufacturing at EJOT

© EJOT, Foto: Paul Masukowitz
A future-oriented IT Architecture spanning several production sites is supposed to support the digitalization strategy at EJOT Holding GmbH & Co. KG.

In short

EJOT Holding GmbH & Co. KG is a medium-sized group of companies based in Bad Berleburg, Germany. The specialist in joining and fastening technology produces joining components, such as self-tapping screws, or fixtures for the outer shells of buildings. A future-oriented IT Architecture for the various production sites is to support the company's digitization strategy.


In detail

In the course of the project, the Fraunhofer IPA team answered the following groundbreaking questions about further digitalizing the company:

  • Which use cases exist for digitalization in the company?
  • Which IT Architecture should be used to implement these use cases consistently?
  • What requirements does EJOT bring to this IT Architecture?
  • Which vendors meet these requirements?

The following approach was taken:

As part of the company's digitalization strategy, the current IT system landscape was analyzed at various sites in Germany. At the respective locations, information about ongoing digitalization efforts in different stages of development, from ideas to projects, was also gathered in the form of use cases.

The goal of the project was to embed these use cases in an IT Architecture that was as standardized as possible. With this in mind, the experts from the DigITools Competence Center at Fraunhofer IPA ascertained all the necessary requirements in order to derive a target IT Architecture that is not tied to any specific technology. Based on this target architecture, a market analysis of potential providers was carried out and two solution proposals were elaborated as examples.

The customer can thus systematically drive forward the digitalization of its sites based on a future-proof target image for the IT Architecture. In addition, the vendor selection process was prepared.

Quelle: EJOT, Foto: Paul Masukowitz

Customer Quote


“The project result serves as a starting point for us to further digitalize our production sites.”

Christoph Bauerdick, Manager Digital Transformation, EJOT Holding GmbH & Co 

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