Initial material sampling in compliance with DBL 7381.10 as part of the WEB 2020+ process

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Coated metal components tested for Mercedes-Benz TIER1 suppliers

As the last hurdle before series production, initial material sampling is subject to the highest requirements, especially in the automotive industry. The Department of Applied Coating Technology at FraunhoferIPA has a test laboratory that is certified to carry out testing services in accordance with DBL 7381.10 within the scope of the Mercedes-Benz AG initial material sampling process (WEB 2020+). Both the testing equipment and the procedures used by our experts to assess and evaluate the coated components comply with the specifications and requirements of Mercedes-Benz AG.

Our services according to DBL 7381.10 include testing organically coated metal components for the vehicle exterior, underbody and engine.


Scope of testing services in accordance with DBL 7381.10

  • Optical tests
  • Technical-mechanical tests
  • Climatic tests
  • Resistance to chemicals, test mixtures and test concentrates
  • Analytical tests


Certification of the testing laboratory

In order to become a certified testing laboratory for TIER1 suppliers, a laboratory must first be accredited according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025. In a second step, a test is carried out by Deutsche ReferenzbürofürRingversucheund ReferenzmaterialienGmbH to determine suitability for the DBL 7381.10 standard. After the subsequent method test by a representative from the Mercedes-Benz Global Evaluation Center, the testing laboratory is awarded the certification and is then listed as a testing laboratory in the automobile manufacturer’s supplier system.
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