Paint shop planning

Are you faced with the task of modernizing your paint shop or do you need to invest in a new one? Are you wondering which automation options make sense for your products and processes? As an unbiased partner, we assist you in all matters relating to the painting process.

Planning paint shops from an all-round perspective

The Painting Process Engineering team offers you an all-round perspective when planning your paint shop, from developing materials & raw materials and comprehensive testing & measurement methods right up to putting your paint shop into operation, without losing sight of environmental protection requirements such as the 31st German Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchV, TA-Luft). Thanks to our expertise and resources, we plan effective and resource-saving painting processes and help you take advantage of the opportunities offered by automation and digitization in a lasting and sustainable way.

We use our in-house coating laboratory to test alternative coatings such as powder coatings, liquid coatings and UV coatings. We can already assess the paintability of a component in detail while it is under development (design for painting) as well as during the design phase of the paint shop. To this end, we investigate aspects such as alternative application techniques (e.g. high rotation, electrostatic or pneumatic application), perform specification tests in our DIN EN ISO 17025-accredited test laboratory and conduct corrosion protection tests using various testing techniques. We offer customer-specific and product-specific testing programs, weathering tests, as well as laboratories and procedures with all relevant measuring and testing technologies (micro analyses, e.g. FIB SEM/EDX, LSM, IR spectroscopy, and macro analyses, e.g. cross-cut tests, adhesion and resistance tests or impact tests).

To individually assess painting costs, material consumption and emissions, we rely on our very own software-aided planning method CoaTWay®. Our planning services also include training concepts so that we can continuously pass on knowledge about coating procedures and process optimization even after projects have been completed.

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Successful project on a paint shop for pumps
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Paintability analyses as part of planning the painting process
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7-zone pre-treatment system

How we work on projects with industrial customers

We work closely with our customers to ensure that all company expertise is integrated into the planning process. Sustainability and cost awareness are top priorities. The following principles characterize the way we cooperate with industrial partners and customers, forming the basis of our project implementation approach:

  • Proactive involvement of all employees and specialists concerned with the painting process
  • Careful integration of existing company expertise into the planning process
  • Close cooperation and maximum transparency in defining individual steps in the modernization process
  • Maximum resource efficiency with the highest possible quality
  • Establishment of effective and environmentally friendly painting processes in your company
  • Inclusion of the latest R & D findings from all institutes belonging to the Fraunhofer Gesellschaft
  • Focus on sustainability and costs for future painting processes
  • Cost and time savings in process planning and implementation

Get in touch and let us start working together towards the successful future of your painting processes!