Shaping the production work of the future

© Stuttgart University IFF / Fraunhofer IPA, photo: Rainer Bez, Heike Quosdorf
Fraunhofer IPA carries out research on production work as the interaction between people, technology and organization.

The work carried out by humans in industrial production is in a constant state of change. Megatrends such as demographic change, globalization and personalization are lastingly changing the face of industrial production. Through the digital transformation of industrial production, a whole new range of production work scenarios are evolving.

Industrial work and production systems comprise human interaction, technology and organization as well as their design in different dimensions. At Fraunhofer IPA, we conduct research on digital transformation methods and technologies and their impact on people in tomorrow’s work systems. We make interested parties aware of the technological solutions that can be used to actively shape digitization.

Seminar on Production Work of the Future

  • We bring you up to date with the latest developments in Industrie 4.0 and give you the information you need to get started
  • We inform you about typical Industrie 4.0 topics and appropriately adapted use cases
  • This enables you to identify Industrie 4.0 potential in your company and design tailor-made applications

Future Work Check - Evaluate your production workplace

  • The Future Work Check is a specially-developed model for assessing and designing workplaces.
  • Whether in the Future Work Lab or on your premises: With the Future Work Check, we show you the Industrie 4.0 potential of the workplaces you have chosen.
  • We will gladly assist you in carrying out a Future Work Check as well as in deriving and implementing concrete measures

Demonstrator World – Your technology in the Future Work Lab

  • Become part of the Demonstrator World in the Future Work Lab and reach new target groups that are relevant for you.
  • Benefit from the innovative environment of the largest innovation lab for the production work of the future
  • Engage in discussions with applied research scientists and leading technology suppliers

From the idea to the Minimum Viable Product (MVP)

  • Make the most of our world of ideas for the production work of the future - a space for creative thinking and unconventional ideas
  • Develop your own innovative product ideas within the scope of a guided workshop with methodical support
  • Create your first MVPs with us and improve them in an iterative Build-Measure-Learn loop

Technology Management for Autonomous Production

  • The digital transformation is leading to interlinked, situation-adaptive, self-learning and predictively-planning autonomous production systems
  • Develop an autonomous production strategy for your company with our help and identify solutions adapted to your needs
  • We give you systematic support to further develop autonomous production systems and design prototypes

The human being in the work and production system

© Fraunhofer IPA

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