Support with Implementation and Start-Up

The success of a production concept only becomes apparent after its implementation. In particular, the implementation, commissioning and start-up phase of manufacturing and assembly concepts is not necessarily without its problems. The complexity of the tasks and multitude of influencing parameters make it uneconomical to calculate all possible future eventualities. In addition to this, social conflicts may arise due to the changes taking place during the implementation phase.

In its role as a technical expert, Fraunhofer IPA supports companies during this critical phase to ensure the success of the planned project. It also acts as a moderator and mediator in the event of social conflicts arising. With the aid of simple business simulations, which enable future system conditions to be played out, workers are prepared and trained to cope with the forthcoming changes. Intensive workshops, test setups and cardboard engineering actively involve the worker in the change process. Recommendations for improvement made by workers are also taken into account and included in the implementation process. This has shown to increase acceptance of the necessary change.