Planning Assembly Operations

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Hardly any other area of production offers so much rationalization potential as labor-intensive assembly. Direct and indirect costs can be markedly reduced if processes are designed in an innovative way.

Within the scope of research and industrial projects, we design efficient and innovative assembly systems. We have a wealth of experience in machine & equipment engineering, the automotive & automotive supply sector, as well as in the electronics and pharmaceutical industries. Thanks to our wide-ranging expertise, we can develop end-to-end solutions for organizational and technical tasks in the field of manual and automated assembly. Through many years of work concerning Industrie 4.0, we also have extensive experience when it comes to digitizing assembly processes.

The focus of our research is on modular matrix assembly systems and on data-driven optimization of assembly systems. Consequently, our work centers around assembly systems for high product variants, large fluctuations in piece numbers or general uncertainty about the future development of production portfolios.

Our services

  • Planning new and re-engineering existing assembly and logistics facilities
  • Design and layout of systems and processes
  • Design details and implementation support
  • Validating planning results with the aid of simulation
  • Developing strategies for digitizing assembly operations
  • Working out the customer-specific benefits of using digital technologies in assembly
  • Support during the digital transformation of assembly processes

Your advantages

  • Comprehensive, cost-effective and innovative assembly design, from planning right through to implementation
  • Operations tailored to your specific needs
  • You benefit from the latest findings in the field of production science and many years of industrial project experience in numerous sectors
  • Research and development work carried out by an independent institute

Process Planning and Assembly Design

Do you want to minimize wastage in your assembly processes and production logistics? Do you want to optimize existing processes or plan new assembly systems? Are you unsure whether your processes can be automated? Fraunhofer IPA makes your industrial assembly systems cost-effective and future-proof.


Modular Matrix Assembly

High numbers of variants, fluctuating quantities, uncertain future forecasts? Modular assembly systems are reconfigurable and ensure efficient production in a volatile business environment. Fraunhofer IPA makes your matrix assembly productive and versatile.


Digital Transformation in Assembly

Can your assembly processes be optimized through digitization? Which data do you need to plan and optimize assembly operations? Do you want to record and analyze data? Fraunhofer IPA provides targeted support with the digitization and data-driven optimization of your assembly processes.