Assembly planning

Hardly any other area of production offers so many rationalization potentials as labor-intensive assembly. Direct and indirect costs can be markedly influenced by designing innovative processes.

We help companies from various branches of industry to re-engineer their existing assembly lines or plan new ones. Our end-to-end solutions for technical and organizational assembly tasks are based on the extensive experience and broad knowledge we have gained through projects with our customers. If required, to guarantee a high planning quality, we validate planning results early on by simulating assembly and logistics processes.

At Fraunhofer IPA, we help you design your assembly processes cost-effectively – from planning right through to implementation – tailored to your needs.


Process planning and assembly design

Do you want to re-engineer your assembly line or integrate new production structures? Fraunhofer IPA designs manufacturing and assembly systems cost-effectively and makes them fit for the future.


Workplace design and resource planning

Would you like to design your assembly workplaces ergonomically, organize them efficiently or fully automate them? Fraunhofer IPA designs assembly workplaces to meet individual requirements and assesses the degree of automation you need.


Planning material supply and logistics

Would you like streamlined logistics processes with optimized production supply? Fraunhofer IPA implements methods to find the optimum balance between efficient logistics and production.


Support with implementation and start-up

Are you considering implementing new manufacturing and assembly concepts? Fraunhofer IPA helps companies plan modifications and also helps promote the acceptance of these changes by workers.


Video-based analysis of potentials

Would you like to eliminate ineffective processes and reduce non-productive work? Fraunhofer IPA has developed a video analysis tool to evaluate potentials.