Finding the Root Cause of Quality Impairments

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Factors affecting product quality and the causes of inconsistent quality are not always obvious. In addition to a large number of parameters influencing the production process that are hard to identify, the raw materials utilized may also be the cause of fluctuations in quality.

Using state-of-the-art data acquisition technologies combined with automated data analysis tools, our detailed process analysis enables us to identify the causes of inconsistent product quality. Events from the past can also be taken into account. With our expertise in manufacturing engineering, we can show you how to eliminate these causes to sustainably improve your product quality.

Our services for identifying causes of fluctuations in quality

  • To find out why quality impairments are occurring, we implement our tools to analyze your recorded data of production or we improve your data acquisition process, for example with the aid of optical measuring systems and machine data interfaces.
  • To analyze the influencing parameters, we apply a combination of machine learning methods and statistical evaluation algorithms. This enables us to identify and prioritize the causes of fluctuations in product quality together with you, as well as to develop countermeasures.

Your advantages

  • Increased first pass yield FPY by eliminating the causes of quality impairments
  • Transparency regarding the key parameters (factors) affecting your product quality and correlation with complex influencing parameters
  • Automated detailed analysis of quality history
  • Closed quality control loop by adjusting setting parameters in line with analysis results

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