Autonomous Production Optimization

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The focus of production optimization is on Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). This key figure is used to evaluate the efficiency of technical systems and takes into account the three factors causing effectiveness losses in production:

  • Availability
  • Performance
  • Quality

As connectivity in manufacturing increases, new paths can be taken to optimize production processes. Closely aligned with methodical production optimization - the lean philosophy - data-driven optimization in manufacturing enables existing methods to be continuously implemented, evaluated and adapted. It also allows previous blind spots in analyses to be eliminated and new potential for improvement to be identified.

With the above-mentioned optimization targets in mind, we can increase the availability of equipment. We can also improve the performance of already high-running equipment and find the root cause of any deviations in quality.

Our expertise

  • Domain knowledge and a broad understanding of manufacturing processes
  • Data acquisition with a focus on control data and external sensor technology
  • Sensor development
  • Modeling the behavior of manufacturing equipment

Your advantages

  • Increased transparency in production
  • Automatic identification of discrepancies in OEE
  • Continuous analysis of your production system

Our services


Finding the Root Cause of Quality Losses

Do you want to improve the quality of your products and at the same time find out faster why your product quality is not always consistent? Use our analysis tools to identify the parameters influencing the quality of your products!


Identifying Optimal Setting Parameters

Do you have a high number of product variants and problems adjusting your machines? With our methods, you can find the best-possible setting parameters for your machines.


Data-Based Analysis of Manufacturing Equipment

Do you want to find out the causes of productivity losses and their interrelationships, as well as identify optimization potential? We combine lean methods with machine learning to identify potential for improvement based on machine data.


Training Courses on Data-Driven Optimization

Do you want to optimize your manufacturing equipment on the basis of data yourself in the future? Empower your own staff to perform elements of data-driven optimization themselves.



Hidden OEE potential of 8.6 percent identified at Adient thanks to data-driven analysis of manufacturing equipment


OEE of existing systems increased by 10% at SCHOTT


Networked machine benchmark