Data-based analysis of manufacturing equipment

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OEE is an indicator of the performance of a technical system, but it does not provide any direct information about how it can be improved.

With the data-based OEE drill-down, we have developed an automated procedure for pinpointing the causes of productivity losses and their interrelationships, as well as for identifying optimization potential. The procedure combines established production optimization methods with AI-based pattern analysis to extract information from your data.

Our services for improving your equipment effectiveness

In order to identify ways of increasing efficiency, we first focus our analysis on availability, performance or quality losses and then classify the analysis into the two following areas:

  • Pattern analysis (descriptive): this reveals patterns, trends and correlations in the data, such as a correlation between malfunctions and a particular product variant.
  • Drill-down analysis (diagnostic): this employs a top-down procedure to first identify the process station causing the problem, then pinpoint the respective process step and finally identify the components responsible for the productivity losses.
  • The resulting patterns are then quantified and, based on this, prioritized to derive appropriate measures.

Your advantages

  • Comparable transparency regarding the availability, efficiency and quality of your production processes
  • Data-based identification of the main causes of effectiveness losses
  • Validation and documentation of the effectiveness losses via video sequences
  • Together with your process experts, we develop a quantitatively evaluated and prioritized catalog of optimization measures
  • Lower unit costs through increased productivity
  • Improved utilization of existing capacities

We have already successfully implemented the method in large automotive enterprises and medium-sized pharmaceutical companies, for example.

Contact our optimization experts without obligation for details of the procedure your company would need.

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