Jump Start Factory Planning

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You want to redesign, expand or build a new factory? You have a rough task definition, but the appropriate procedure, the exact objectives and the staffing of the factory planning team are not yet entirely clear? You are not constantly planning new factories and therefore do not have the routine to ensure planning reliability? For these cases, Fraunhofer IPA is available as a partner in the start-up workshop. Together, we specify the task, discuss team composition and train you and your team in the basics of factory planning. This gives you the basis for a methodically secured planning procedure. As a result, you can start working on the project with clear project structures and a common objective, optimally prepared.

Especially if it is not clear yet whether planning should be done internally or externally and how the distribution of tasks should look like, the start-up workshop offers a good orientation and basis for this decision.

If required, we are also available to you as a planning partner, project coach or for final acceptance in the form of a validation. We are also happy to support you as a strong planner in the area of production for newly emerging issues relating to site roles in the production network or the optimization of value streams and production logistics.


The start-up workshop Factory Planning with Fraunhofer IPA offers you the following benefits:

  • Common understanding of the factory planning tasks
  • Insight into the methodical procedure of value stream oriented factory planning
  • Clear idea of factory targets to be achieved and the expected planning results
  • Identification of important design levers in the fields of location, production and logistics
  • Definition of the internal team staffing for the planning project
  • Decision basis for project format and planning partner of the planning phases.