Planning Support

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Young engineer pointing at sketch of industrial machine while explaining his idea to colleague at working meeting

Are you planning to expand production or build a new factory hall with your own planning team? But your planning team has no routine in factory planning projects? Are you looking for fresh impulses for innovative factory concepts directly from applied research? How can entrenched ways of thinking be broken down and new, forward-looking concepts be integrated into the planning process?

The methodical approach developed by Fraunhofer IPA, which has also been incorporated into VDI 5200 “Factory Planning”, constitutes the linchpin of successful factory planning. Based on numerous factory planning projects, our approach and specific methods are continuously being refined. Thanks to the longstanding experience of our project coaches, unrecognized alternative courses of action can be identified and any complications arising can be detected early on.

The involvement of experienced factory planners helps you develop the skills required for such a project and to apply them directly. The consistent questioning of planning assumptions and joint “sparring” rounds encourage those involved to choose new approaches and to think “out-of-the-box” from time to time. An external perspective can provide valuable insights into the decision-making process and support decisions. In its capacity as a neutral partner as regards construction, Fraunhofer IPA can bear your interests in mind in the planning process with architects, specialist planners and construction companies to ensure a coherent set of objectives.


Planning support from experienced project coaches gives you the following advantages:

  • Methods are refreshed and internal expertise supplemented
  • Entrenched structures and procedures broken up
  • Potential alternative courses of action identified
  • Short iteration loops with a professional sparring partner
  • Optimal planning results ensured through a view from the outside
  • High practical relevance and knowledge transfer through project-based approach
  • Virtual planning support also possible on request (e.g. as a video conference)