Validating Factory Plans and Rapid Plant Planning

Have you started a factory planning task and are unsure whether the planning results reflect the optimum planning situation? Would you like to be able to evaluate and compare existing sites?

Do you need to install a new plant and are looking for somewhere to put it that will not compromise the changeability of your factory? Have your replanning efforts reached a deadlock due to conflicting targets and does it look like your project is not going to be finished on time?

Two pairs of eyes see better than one: in many cases, an external view is needed to identify planning deficiencies. New ideas and methods can be used to supplement aspects not considered in planning. This enables planning errors to be recognized promptly and deadlocked planning operations to be brought successfully to completion. By considering monument positions and extension flanks, changeable factory layouts can be realized. In workshops with your planning engineers, our experienced experts take a critical look at your existing planning situation or factory.


Validating factory plans gives you the following advantages:

  • Reliable results through the avoidance of planning errors
  • Conflicting aims solved through solution-driven collaboration with our planning experts
  • Integration of our cross-sectoral knowledge of factory structures and production processes
  • Guaranteed sustainable and changeable planning result
  • The benefit of our extensive planning experience
  • Derivation of recommendations for future factory planning projects

With Rapid Plant Planning, Fraunhofer IPA has developed a method to specifically support these challenges, especially those concerning critical decisions in terms of time and costs. The efficient planning procedure focuses on the layout-shaping aspects of monument positioning and changeability. This enables well-founded planning decisions to be made even if there are basic planning uncertainties or project restrictions due to deadlines and costs.


Planning a factory with the Rapid Plant Planning approach helps you solve a wide range of issues concerning the existing factory layout and gives you the following advantages:

  • Benchmarks for the layout of different sites
  • Adaptable positioning of monuments, even in the face of planning uncertainties
  • Qualified layout recommendations for time-critical decisions
  • Optimized material flow and changeability of existing layouts
  • Derivation of recommendations for future factory planning projects