Capacity and Availability in Linked Systems

Capacity and availability: interdependencies in linked systems

Increased manufacturing flexibility, fully-automated production facilities and the integration of innovative manufacturing technologies are major challenges which have to be overcome in order to ensure sustainable high productivity. These complexity drivers take the form of technological, local and time-related dependencies between the various process steps. They not only have to be taken into account in the planning phase but also have to be predictable, i.e. controllable. Fraunhofer IPA develops planning concepts which focus on high equipment effectiveness in the later operating phase.

In order to optimize the overall effectiveness of existing systems, non-productive time and the corresponding causes have to be analyzed. However, to this is often not possible with manually interlinked or highly-automated systems with short cycle times because many unobvious causes of loss are not identified. Fraunhofer IPA develops feature-based monitoring systems capable of recognizing the shortest non-productive times and linking them to causes with the aid of an intelligent evaluation logic. With our extensive experience and continuously refined methods and tools, we help you analyze and optimize your interlinked manufacturing systems.