Planning Manufacturing Systems

Production planners generally design manufacturing systems to mass produce a low-mix range of products. However, because product diversity is constantly on the rise, this product range soon becomes too small. Processes and products also become increasingly complex. This is associated with two potential problems:

On the one hand, machines may no longer be able to achieve their optimum operating efficiency because of limited availability, lower volumes due to pressure from the competition or an exploding number of different products. As a result, the manufacturing system cannot be amortized, resulting in financial shortfalls and cost pressure. On the other hand, it may be necessary to increase capacity due to a strong growth in quantities. This causes a sudden rise in investment requirements because new machines and equipment have to be purchased with the risk of a liquidity bottleneck occurring.

Designing manufacturing systems cost-efficiently

To enable the manufacturing industry to keep a balance between financial shortfalls and liquidity bottlenecks, innovative concepts are needed to enhance performance and influence direct and indirect costs.

We help companies from many different industries redesign their existing manufacturing system or plan a new one. We draw on our extensive experience in project work with customers and our broad knowledge to develop end-to-end solutions for organizational and technical tasks in production. We plan cost-effective manufacturing and assembly systems tailormade to a company’s general conditions. Depending on requirements, we support you all the way - from the design phase through optimization right up to implementation.


Optimization of Operating States

Do you want to find out your optimum operating state? Whether you are planning a new manufacturing system or want to re-engineer an existing one, Fraunhofer IPA optimizes the costs.


Value Chain Optimization

Do you want to create a value chain and determine the degree of automation you need? Fraunhofer IPA provides you with application-orientated and scalable methods to design and evaluate technology chains


Product Design and Value Engineering

Would you like to incorporate customer requirements in your product design and value engineering? Fraunhofer IPA designs manufacturing system layouts to increase your savings potentials.


Capacity and Availability in Linked Systems

Do you want to identify interdependencies among interlinked systems? To ascertain productivity potentials, Fraunhofer IPA calculates the availability of manufacturing systems in the planning phase.


Model-Based Simulation of Manufacturing Systems

Do you want an optimized layout for a complex production system? Fraunhofer IPA runs a simulation of your factory to determine the optimum solution.


Methods and Tools for Industrie 4.0

Do you want to integrate Industrie 4.0 seamlessly into your factory? Fraunhofer IPA develops specially-adapted solutions and implements them to create a smart factory.


DesignChain - Automating the CAx process chain

End-to-end, highly automated CAx process chains? Fraunhofer IPA automates the indirect processes of your production - from the intake of the customer requirement, through design and technical preparation, to production.


Traceability: Implementing the necessary technology to trace product components and process steps

Traceability is necessary to ensure the quality and safety of products and to create more trans-parency in production and the supply chain. Customized traceability solutions help to gain pre-cise knowledge and control in the production process.