Optimization of Operating States

Optimization of costs and operating states

A manufacturing concept determines later cost structures very early on. For this reason, manufacturing systems have to be designed so that the machine park installed, materials implemented and staff are used as efficiently as possible without increasing throughput times or stock requirements. That is why production planners need to implement suitable criteria, such as material efficiency, depth of value and degree of automation.

Planning becomes extremely difficult if the number of product variants goes up during production or complexity is increased, batch sizes reduced or if processing requirements are modified. The operating state of a manufacturing or production system (the ratio between fixed and variable costs) also fluctuates as a result of mid-term changes in order volumes, unexpected rising overhead costs or capital being tied up in stocks and investment goods. This means that fixed costs can only be covered to a limited extent.


As part of a joint project, we help you ascertain your factory’s optimum operating state. We work together with you to develop a cost-optimized production concept tailored to your requirements. Our services include:

  • Norm scenarios to analyze materials (standardization, material efficiency and substitution), value-adding (value depth and capacity) and capital commitment (key areas of expertise, throughput times, stocks),
  • Cause-based cost allocation through process-orientated calculation,
  • Analysis of the operating state of manufacturing systems (ratio between fixed and variable costs,
    break-even (profit zone according to yield),
  • Analysis and improvement of TEEP (Total Effective Equipment Productivity) or OEE (Overall Equipment Effectiveness),
  • Assessment of economic risks with regard to amortization, failure, capacity and pressure of adaptation,
  • Assessment of potentials, recommendations for courses of action as well as concepts for improving the efficiency of manufacturing systems.

We provide you with support throughout the entire project – from setting goals through applying the method right up to implementation. If desired, at the end of the project we also compile a report of the results and recommend possible courses of action.