Value Chains Optimization

To ensure production-optimized value chains, you need the right technology for your chosen manufacturing system. Therefore, when planning a new system or optimizing an existing one, it is essential to identify, select and then integrate the most appropriate technology into the respective technology chain. Fraunhofer IPA has extensive interdisciplinary knowledge of this field. It also makes use of internal technology databases as well as its very-own Fraunhofer network as it helps you plan an optimum value chain adapted to your production scenario.

We integrate production sequences into end-to-end equipment concepts, enabling us to work out the best way to link them up as well as ascertain the degree of automation you need. These factors are oriented towards solution concepts of varying maturity and reliability which are not only technically feasible but also make economic sense. To evaluate the various criteria, we implement configurable assessment tools to reach joint decisions with you on the basis of realistic and comparable scenarios.

Fraunhofer implements a range of methods to support you right from the product development phase throughout all the various stages, such as planning the technology you need. We also help you develop a value-optimized manufacturing system based on your product, range of variants and market scenario.