Model Factory for Functional Coatings

Surfaces are increasingly being equipped with functions. Besides available surface coatings for decoration or protection against wear, we aim at adding further functions. One example of this is integrated sensor technology. Sensors enable an “intelligent” surface to monitor the quality of the air and to react appropriately. By adapting materials, an active surface can be created that reacts to pressure, for example, by changing its shape or giving the user mechanical feedback.

However, due to a lack of suitable materials and manufacturing processes, up till now these applications have only been produced on a laboratory scale. This is where Fraunhofer IPA comes into play with process development. Once a process has been successfully upscaled to enable industrial quantities, machine availability is increased and costs are cut.

By taking an integrated approach to materials, applications and functions, Fraunhofer IPA advances these developments to make them ready for the market.

If you would like to benefit from our expertise, we would be very interested in conducting joint projects with you to develop new, innovative processes. We can also help you reach your individual process development targets. Together with you, we devise resource-efficient and cost-effective solutions to manufacture your products.