Application Technology

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The application of functional materials in nano processes often poses major problems for equipment manufacturers, end-users and research institutes. Without in-depth knowledge, these problems cannot be solved. There may be questions about the bonding behavior of functional materials when applied to various substrates. Or about the printing or manufacturing technology to implement or develop and how to integrate it into existing manufacturing equipment. Within the scope of interdisciplinary research and development projects, experts from different disciplines, such as nanotechnology, process technology and printing, find the answers to these questions.

The group “Application of multi-functional layers” at Fraunhofer IPA has acquired the appropriate knowledge through numerous industrial and research projects. This applies especially to the development and production of printed electronic applications for energy storage systems, transparent electrodes and heating layers. In addition to conventional printing technologies such as screen printing and gravure printing, we also implement coating technologies, e.g. blade coating, spraying and dipping. Combined with innovative nanoscale materials, such as carbon nanotubes, graphene, graphene nanoplatelets, silver nano wires and conductive polymers, completely new and innovative applications become conceivable.

We will gladly provide assistance with your individual printing challenges. Together with you, we develop production processes that are both resource-efficient and cost-effective.


Model Factory for Functional Coatings

We create “intelligent” surfaces that enable you to interact with your environment and develop processing technologies for manufacturing these surfaces cost-effectively. If you would like to benefit from our expertise, we would be very interested in conducting joint projects with you to develop new, innovative processes.


Printed Actuators Based on Electroactive Polymers (EAPs)

Electroactive polymers have been the focal point of research for many years and enable new innovative products to be developed. If you would like to benefit from our expertise, we would be very interested in conducting joint projects with you to develop new processes and applications.


Printed Electronics

Functional surfaces are also gaining importance in our everyday lives. Coating technologies allow Fraunhofer IPA to develop optical and sensory multilayer systems. As well as designing these sensors, an additional focus is on the further development of manufacturing processes.


Printed Electronic Applications and Energy Storage Systems

Energy storage systems and other electronic applications are becoming ever-more important. We help you develop and implement printing solutions you need to meet requirements.


Printed Transparent Conductive Films

Transparent conductive films (TCFs) are used in the manufacture of displays and similar applications. For this reason, we place great importance in the development of printing and coating technologies. We help you develop and implement the solutions you need to meet requirements.


Printed Heating Layers

Transparent heating layers for de-icing vehicle wing mirrors or windscreens, for example, play a major role in many branches of industry. We implement efficient printing and coating technologies to develop heating layers into marketable products.


Automating and Digitizing Laser Welding Processes

At Fraunhofer IPA, laser welding processes are optimized and adapted for use in battery cell production.