Printed Electronic Applications and Energy Storage Systems

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For over 5 years now, the Department of Functional Materials at Fraunhofer IPA has been using its nanotechnology expertise to develop printed electronic applications and energy storage systems. Key areas of application include transparent electrodes, electrodes for use in supercaps, printed electroactive polymers (EAPs) as well as the manufacture and development of applications, such as heating layers.

Based on the nano-structured modification of carbon, such as graphene and carbon nanotubes (CNTs), Fraunhofer further develops printed electronic applications and energy storage systems to create marketable products. It has acquired this expertise through industrial and research projects. Fraunhofer IPA implements different printing and coating technologies, such as screen printing, blanket coating and spraying. The knowledge possessed by the Department of Functional Materials enables us to give advice to our customers and partners on much more than just printing technologies for nanoscale materials. We work together with you to develop new methods for processing nano materials.

Two of our key public projects are CarboTCF (BMBF) and ElectroGraph (EU). In the project CarboTCF, transparent electrodes were manufactured on the basis of single-walled CNT hybrids. The project ElectroGraph was concerned with the development of graphene-based electrodes for use in supercaps.

If you would like to benefit from our expertise, we would be very interested in conducting joint projects with you to develop new, innovative processes. We can also help you reach your individual targets in the field of printed electronic applications. Together with you, we devise resource-efficient and cost-effective solutions to manufacture your products.