Development of Processes for Synthesizing Hybrid Materials

Articles are repeatedly published in literature about innovative concepts for synthesizing nanocarbon hybrid powders. These enable bulk composites to be manufactured with enhanced mechanical, tribological and electrical properties, often within drastically shortened times. The amounts produced are invariably small and only a part of the process chain is assessed with regard to production on an industrial scale. Interested manufacturers of base materials in powder form or end-users are therefore often unable to assess the advantages and usability of these hybrid powders.

For this reason, Fraunhofer IPA investigates ways of transferring the technologies used to produce hybrid powders on a pilot plant scale (upscaling) and optimizes parameters for processing them into bulk composites. Fraunhofer IPA has many years of experience in this field, especially in the field of the manufacture of nanocarbon ceramic composites. Thanks to our partners, not only established but also new processing methods can be implemented. Furthermore, by considering the complete process chain, we assess the innovation potential of these hybrid powders for the respective application.