Formulation and Functionalization

In order to swiftly implement new materials with improved properties in composites, or tried-and-trusted materials in new applications, we develop tailored solutions for our customers. We draw on long-standing experience, particularly in the fields of metals and ceramics (composites) and energy storage materials.

We develop production processes for new materials and adapt them for material composites, aided by simulation if appropriate.  We use wet-chemical, electrochemical and mechanochemical processes, as well as CVD, fluid bed and plasma techniques.

We can assist you with advisory and development services (synthesis and functionalization, process development) and develop prototypes for you in the following areas:


Functionalized Nanomaterials for Composites

Functionalization is the key to the successful implementation of nanocarbon in composites. Fraunhofer develops customized and materials-specific solutions to enhance their wettability and improve their capacity to bond to matrix materials.


Development of Processes for Synthesizing Hybrid Materials

Fraunhofer IPA investigates ways of transferring the technologies used to produce hybrid powders on a pilot plant scale (upscaling) and optimizes process parameters for processing them into bulk composites.


Electrode Materials for Energy Storage Systems

The experts at Fraunhofer IPA are in the process of developing the next generation of energy storage technologies. We refine existing technologies and specialize in innovative hybrid technologies that combine the advantages of batteries and supercaps.


Composite Simulation

The properties of composites can be optimized with computer-aided engineering. In this way, the non-linear properties of multi-phase materials can be predicted quickly and accurately.