Supply Chain Management

Globalization is forcing companies in just about every sector of the market to manufacture their products locally. This makes production networks more complex and decision-making increasingly difficult. With these challenges in mind, we help companies optimize the organization and operation of their global value networks. We also optimize their supply chain management. We advise you on planning and regulating all material and information flows as well as on inventory management along the entire value chain, taking your capacities and restrictions into consideration. We also offer a broad spectrum of services concerned with strategic decisions or value distribution in networks as well as with the selection and inclusion of competent suppliers. These all contribute towards the long-term success of your supply chain.


Supply Chain Organization and Optimization

Supply chain organization and optimization covers the areas of supplier development and management through production network design right up to operative production and risk management.


Value Cycles

Companies can make themselves less dependent on raw materials by efficiently planning and regulating closed-loop supply chains. Fraunhofer IPA helps you develop and implement this innovative and sustainable value approach.


Supplier Management

For companies focusing on their expertise to manufacture their products and relying on cooperations with specialized suppliers, supplier management is a key issue. Fraunhofer IPA supports every aspect of the supplier management cycle with innovative concepts and methods.


Supply Logistics

Supply logistics is responsible for coordinating suppliers, planning logistics processes and optimizing product diversity. Fraunhofer IPA shows you how to achieve strategic and operative excellence.


Inventory Optimization

Fluctuating inventory management requirements can only be balanced out by implementing a cooperative strategy among all company departments. Fraunhofer IPA is just the partner you need to assist your projects.


Quick Check Order Management

Fraunhofer IPA analyzes the potential of order management swiftly and efficiently. Quick Check Order Management specifically uncovers the root causes of weaknesses in planning and control processes and develops fields of action for improving in-house production planning and control (PPC) and/or inter-company supply chain management (SCM).