On-Site Logistics

If a company is to meet internal and external delivery dates, its logistics processes have to be efficient and its production processes kept running as smoothly as possible. Many manufacturing companies waste much of their production capacity through time losses due to supply errors, missing parts, material delays, etc. This can be reduced by taking specific action to improve logistics processes. Furthermore, these processes also influence the majority of general materials costs, which are in the two-figure range in many industries.

Fraunhofer IPA offers logistics solutions and turnkey concepts to ensure efficient material supply and production processes.


1.     Stuttgart Logistics Cost Model - logistics costs under control

Logistics costs can account for up to 30% of manufacturing costs. With the Stuttgarter Logistics Cost Model, we help you ascertain and reduce your logistics costs quickly and effectively. This enables you to get a grip on your logistics costs in no time at all.

2.     Supply planning from the moment goods come in right through to their point of use

  • Transport planning: routes, conveyor systems, stacking systems, AGVs
  • Planning container types
  • Planning supply types and supply cycles

3.     Warehouse planning and dimensioning

  • Analysis of bottlenecks in dependence on the development of variants and quantities
  • Analysis of the effective use of space, storage shelves and areas
  • Cost analysis of the status quo (receipt of goods, storage, removal, supply, goods dispatch)
  • Development, optimization and profit analysis of a target concept, e.g. automation alternatives, warehouse management systems
  • Validation of planning results with simulation

4.     Spare parts management

  • Definition of targets (service level) and analysis of potentials
  • Target concept
  • Implementation, optimization and continuous improvement

Whatever you need, whether it is an analysis of potentials, the development of a new concept, validation of your intralogistics or logistics planning, an assessment of profitability or implementation and improvement of your logistics processes: the application of lean principles combined with the methods and tools developed by Fraunhofer IPA ensure low stocks, the avoidance of missing parts and an improved adherence to schedules for internal and external customers. Find out more about our successful projects.