Supplier Management

The value generated when manufacturing an end-product is spread among an increasing number of partners. Companies concentrate on their key areas of expertise to reduce complexity in their factories. However, if added value shifts to the supply network, companies are faced with the challenge of guaranteeing their own ability to deliver without having direct access to supplier processes.

To remedy this, Fraunhofer IPA helps companies implement efficient supplier management processes. The tried-and-tested supplier management concept developed by Fraunhofer IPA covers all phases ranging from supplier selection right through to supplier development. This enables our customers to benefit from a highly-efficient supply network.


  • Implementation of a supplier management system
  • Supplier selection

        - Organization of the internal company business process "supplier selection"

        - Supplier evaluation to select suppliers

         - Support in selecting suppliers

  • Continuous supplier evaluation

        - Key figure systems to aid evaluation processes

        - Supplier monitoring, performance control

        - Supplier classification

  • Supplier qualification
  • Optimization of specific customer-supplier interfaces
  • Supplier workshops
  • Troubleshooting in the event of supply problems