Supply Logistics

If a supplier network is not sufficiently flexible or reliable, production is repeatedly endangered as well as the ability to deliver to the customer on schedule. In many companies, there is often a huge potential to optimize supply management processes.

It is imperative that the smooth supply of materials to a production facility is guaranteed while keeping overall costs to a minimum at the same time. Problems are often due to the following:

  • Inadequate definition of targets and processes in strategic supply,
  • An established supplier structure which has not been appropriately designed
  • Inadequate process efficiency in operative supply processes.

We help you gain a competitive edge through efficient supply management. We take a systematic and process-orientated approach to assist you with the following key issues:

  • Observation of the market and prices,
  • Optimization of the flexibility of supplier portfolios,
  • Formation of strategic partnerships, or the conscious decision of a company to create value on its own and
  • Achievement of operative excellence in the supply process.

We have developed the following methods and procedures:

  • Assessment of alternative supply strategies,
  • Detailed planning of JIS/JIT processes,
  • Qualification for JIS/JIT supply,
  • Implementation of a line-back planning approach,
  • Logistics cost tracking before and after the start of mass production,
  • Implementation of robust processes supported by FMEA logistics,
  • Management of high product diversity,
  • Planning of internal and external logistics processes, and also
  • Less complex logistics planning through the implementation of standards.

These methods enable you to cut process costs and thus lower the actual piece costs per supply unit, making your supplier network not only more flexible but also more reliable.