Assembly Processes and Tools

Requirements of assembly tools

When developing robot tools for assembly, the following requirements increasingly need to be taken into consideration:

  • Intelligent sensors for inline process monitoring and control
  • Remote intelligence to reduce process data transmission
  • integrated bus systems to reduce wiring complexity
  • “Plug-and-produce” design (quick and easy mechanical connection of tools to robots as well as independent log-on of tool controllers to robot controllers)


Based on the latest scientific/technical methods, we develop for and with you the tool solution you need for your assembly task, including:

  • Development of systematic solutions and selection of suitable technologies
  • Tool development (prototype design and construction)
  • Construction of robot pilot systems
  • Determination and testing of alternative process strategies

Trends and technologies

Current market developments focus on robot tools with integrated process monitoring and control, with tools being designed as “plug & produce” modules. The interface to the robot only needs a power supply, air supply and signal interface (e.g. Profibus). The process-specific sensor/actuator is connected directly to the tool controller, which functions independently of the robot.

Sample applications

  • Sheet-metal joining technology (clinching, wobble clinching, punch riveting)
  • Flexible parts (self-adhesive profile gaskets, cord-type gaskets, o-rings, etc.)
  • For winding copper flat-wire packages onto coils for MRI scanners

Vollautomatische Applikation von selbstklebenden Türdichtungen mit Roboter