Feasibility Studies

Although many questions can be resolved by theoretical analysis and computation, many others cannot. An effectively-designed study provides fast, reliable information about the feasibility of a solution, its robustness, process reliability and cycle times.

In order to do this, all the necessary tools need to be available. We have a wealth of robot systems from virtually all the leading manufacturers in our test facilities, as well as a wide selection of gripper systems, tools and sensors. We can also manufacture any necessary components quickly and flexibly in our own institute workshop. We use a broad spectrum of equipment, such as high-speed cameras and laser tracking systems, to monitor and analyze feasibility studies.

We combine results from feasibility studies with our knowledge of available components and qualified systems integrators to enable you to make rational investment decisions at minimum risk.

Efficient use of human-robot collaboration (HRC)

The interactive collaboration between human and machine is one of the major topics in the automation industry. To apply such a system, it has to provide economic value – which makes a systematization and evaluation of human-robot collaboration helpful. Fraunhofer IPA can rely on years of experience in the conception and realization of HRC applications.

Reference projects


Automation Analysis and Concepts on Robots in Aseptic Production