Optimization of Existing Systems

In practice, automation technology tends to be a lot more complicated than expected. The following scenario is a typical example: a systems integrator is asked to supply a handling cell for a new system used to manufacture a new product. As the product is still also under development, no samples or reliable drawing are available. However, a limited number of prototype samples are on hand. On the basis of these samples, everything works fine on the systems integrator’s premises, but as the final products are commissioned it turns out that the required availabilities and cycle times cannot be achieved.

In such cases, minimal optimization measures in the right place can improve the situation enormously. Through numerous projects where we have been called in as troubleshooter to examine and optimize plants, we have gained extensive expertise in system optimization. We not only have state-of-the-art analysis and simulation systems but also superbly-equipped labs and test facilities available for your use.

Our specialists will gladly help you find a solution to your problem.