Software Engineering and Systems Integration

Robot-assisted automation systems are becoming ever-more complex. The amount of time and money required to program, integrate, maintain and adapt them is much higher than the price of the components themselves. For this reason, it is often impossible to implement robot-assisted automation systems cost-effectively for processing small batch sizes. This is especially true for small and medium-sized enterprises.

Reusable (open-source) software components and software tools can be implemented to ease integration of these components and significantly lower development costs and setup efforts. Efficiency can be improved even further if software tools are tailored to specific designer requirements.


  • Clarification of questions regarding the implementation of open-source software in industrial applications (licensing, liability, support, etc.)
  • Advice on the selection of open-source software components and development of software architectures for robot-based applications
  • Analysis of potentials to use open-source software for customized applications
  • Implementation of customized applications as prototypes using open-source software
  • Linking of industrial components to open-source software frameworks
  • Adaption of available development tools for robot systems to suit requirements
  • Implementation of industrial applications as prototypes based on existing mobile service robot platforms

Technologies and innovations

  • Model-driven tools for programming and setting up robot systems quickly and easily
  • Infrastructures for implementing open-source program modules (“apps”)


  • Use of existing software components and technologies
  • Fast entry into the field of robotics
  • Cost-effective analyses of potentials and feasibility studies

Sample projects

  • Development of certified ROS (Robot Operating System) industrial drives for robots, sensors and peripheral components
  • Implementation as prototypes and simulations of robot-based applications based on ROS industrial components

Open Source in Robotics

The Robot Operating System is already well-established in robotics research. The reuse of available software components offers the potential to realize systems swiftly using state-of-the-art technology. However, certain general constraints need to be taken into consideration in order to implement these open-source components in industrial applications.


Software Tools for the Simple Programming and Fast Setup of Robot Systems

Needs-based software tools for component developers, systems integrators and application designers or end-users minimize programming and setup efforts for software-intensive automation solutions and support compliance with quality and interface standards.


Product sheet “ROS Industrial – Open Source for industrial robotics”